New York City LWRP



The New York City Local Waterfront Revitalization Program is a locally-prepared, comprehensive land and water use plan for the City's 520+ miles of natural, public, and developed waterfront and the waterways between the five boroughs, including New York Harbor, the Hudson, Bronx, Harlem and East Rivers, the Arthur Kill and Kill Van Kull and all their many tributaries, as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

The New York City LWRP refines and supplements the State's Coastal Management Program and provides a comprehensive framework within which critical waterfront issues can be addressed, and planned waterfront improvement projects can be pursued and implemented. The City's LWRP was originally approved in 1982, and subsequently amended in 2002 to include new and revised policies. The approval history of the New York City LWRP was published in a final public notice.

The highlighted text is a download link for the fulll New York City LWRP document.

The links below provide easy access to each part of the New York City LWRP, as amended and approved in 2002:

Part I. The Program

Part II. The New Waterfront Revitalization Program Policies

Part III. Maps of the Special Natural Waterfront Areas

Part IV. Maps of the Significant Maritime and Industrial Areas

The current LWRP was built on numerous waterfront planning efforts undertaken since the approval of the 1982 New York City LWRP, such as the New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan that expresses the city's long-range goals for a 21st century waterfront and the companion Borough Waterfront Plans that offer site-specific recommendations.

Currently, New York City is working on a major amendment to its LWRP, which will advance the long-term goals and implementation strategies laid out in the 2011 update of the Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.