Cover and front matter

KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (RC) Revised Proposal/Continuation; (RXC) Revised Proposal/Extra Continuation; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (C) Continuation; (W) Withdrawal

Rule Making Activities

Banking Department
1 / Supervision of article XII investment company holding companies and their subsidiaries (E)
2 / Signage requirements for licensed check cashers (E)
2 / Maximum permissible fees charged by licensed check cashers (A)
Children and Family Services, Office of
3 / Administration of medication to children in day care (A)
6 / Market rates for subsidized child care (A)
Civil Service, Department of
7 / Examination appeals (A)
7 / Jurisdictional classifications (P)
Correctional Services, Department of
8 / Use of restraints in special housing units (A)
Health, Department of
9 / Environmental laboratory standards (bioterrorism) (E)
15 / Bathing beaches (A)
Insurance Department
17 / Rules for key person corporate-owned life insurance (E)
19 / Recognition of the 2001 CSO Mortality Table (A)
Labor, Department of
19 / Public employee occupational safety and health standards (A)
Long Island Power Authority
19 / Tariff for electric service (A)
19 / Electric service tariff (P)
Motor Vehicles, Department of
20 / Motor Vehicle inspections (P)
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Office of
23 / Fees and charges for the use of facilities (EP)
Public Service Commission
25 / Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation’s Economic Development Plan (A)
26 / Economic Development Plan by Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation (A)
26 / Issuance of debt by Long Island Water Corporation (A)
26 / Transmission and distribution of gas by the Northeast Gas Association (A)
26 / Refunded overcharges by the City of Jamestown (A)
27 / Submetering of electricity by Adam Jakubowicz (A)
27 / Refund overcharges by the City of Jamestown (A)
27 / Submetering of electricity by RBNB Wall Street Owner LLC (A)
27 / Operation and management of Camfield-Purcell Water Works, Inc. And Brickyard Road Water System (A)
28 / Underground line extensions by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (A)
28 / Area and street lighting changes by Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation (A)
28 / Transmission revenue adjustment by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (A)
28 / Clarifications to tariff provisions by National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (A)
29 / Interconnection agreement between Frontier Communications of AuSable Valley, Inc., et al. and Sprint Communications Company, L.P. (P)
29 / Petition for rehearing by Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc. (P)
29 / Petitions for rehearing by Corning Incorporated (P)
29 / Lightened regulation by Flat Rock Windpower II, LLC (P)
30 / Submetering of electricity by AMPS, Inc. (P)
30 / Major gas rate increase by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (P)
30 / Dishonored check charge by Fillmore Gas Company, Inc. (P)
31 / Low income rate programs and competitive market programs (P)
31 / Major steam rate increase by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (P)
Racing and Wagering Board
31 / Rules of bingo (P)
Transportation, Department of
35 / State Public Transportation Safety Board (P)
Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Rule Makings / 39
Action Pending Index / 41

Securities Offerings
81 / State Notices
84 / Further State Notices

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
97 / Notice to Bidders

Availability of State and Federal Funds
99 / Children and Family Services, Office of

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
101 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by the State Comptroller
101 / Notices of Annulment of Dissolution, Cancellation of Annulment of Authority and Erroneous Entry, et al.
116 / Public Notices
117 / Sale of Forest Products

Executive Orders
119 / Executive Order 113.80: Continuing the Suspension of Certain Provisions of Law

Opinions of the Attorney General
121 / Formal and Informal Opinions