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KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (RC) Revised Proposal/Continuation; (RXC) Revised Proposal/Extra Continuation; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (C) Continuation; (W) Withdrawal

Effective with the October 25, 2006 issue of the Register, in compliance with Chapter 230 of the Laws of 2006, individuals may send public comment via electronic mail to those recipients who provided an e-mail address in Notices of Proposed Rule Making. This includes Proposed, Emergency Proposed, Revised Proposed and Emergency Revised Proposed rule makings. Instructions

Rule Making Activities

Civil Service, Department of
1 / Jurisdictional classifications (A)
3 / Supplemental military leave benefits (A)
4 / Jurisdictional classifications (A)
Correctional Services, Department of
4 / Lakeview Correctional Facility (A)
Crime Victims Board
4 / Definition of medical services or medical expenses (A)
5 / Presumption of physical injury when determining the eligibility of victims of human trafficking (P)
Economic Development, Department of
6 / Empire State Commercial Production Tax Credit Program (E)
Education Department
7 / Delegation of authority concerning charter schools (E)
9 / Fiscal maintenance of effort (E)
12 / State aid for public library construction (E)
14 / Procedures for public hearings concerning charter schools (E)
16 / Contracts for excellence (ERP)
19 / Fingerprinting and criminal history record check (A)
21 / Excelsior Scholars Program (P)
Environmental Conservation, Department of
24 / New major facilities and major modifications to existing facilities (W)
Insurance Department
25 / Rules relating to the processing of claims (P)
28 / Minimum standards for the form, content and sale of health insurance (P)
Interest on Lawyer Account Fund
28 / Trustees’ regulations and procedures (A)
Mental Health, Office of
34 / Personalized recovery-oriented services (E)
37 / Use of space (A)
Power Authority of the State of New York
38 / Rates for the sale of power and energy (P)
38 / Freedom of Information Law (P)
Public Service Commission
40 / Submetering of electricity by Augustus & James Corporation (A)
40 / High pressure gas service by The New York and Presbyterian Hospital (A)
40 / Merger between Thames Water Aqua US Holdings, Inc., et al. and American Water Works Co., Inc. (A)
41 / Issues of stock, bonds and other forms of indebtedness; charges by Beaver Dam Lake Water Corporation (A)
41 / New types of gas meters and accessories by KeySpan Energy Delivery (A)
41 / Submetering of electricity by CRP/Extell Parcel I, LP (A)
41 / Submetering of electricity by American Metering and Planning Services, Inc. (A)
42 / Submetering of electricity by 360 Brooklyn Investors, LLC (A)
42 / Romet RM 38000 DCID temperature compensated rotary meter by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (A)
42 / Waiver of tariff by New York University (P)
42 / Submetering of electricity by 1094 Group, LLC (P)
43 / Submetering of electricity by 53rd and 2nd Associates, LLC (P)
43 / Submetering of electricity by Herbert E. Hirschfeld, P.E., on behalf of The Jack Parker Corporation (P)
Racing and Wagering Board
43 / Post-race blood gas testing procedures for thoroughbred and harness race horses (A)
45 / Treasure Chest Raffle and Search for the Queen of Hearts (A)
46 / Use of the whip (A)
46 / Wagering while on duty (A)
46 / Single-service use and disposal of syringes and needles (A)
46 / Internet and telephone account wagering on horseracing (P)
Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
48 / Ready-mix concrete vehicles (A)
Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Rule Makings / 49
Action Pending Index / 51

Regulatory Agenda
93 / Housing and Community Renewal, Division of

Securities Offerings
95 / State Notices

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
97 / Notice to Bidders

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
99 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by State Comptroller
99 / Notice of Public Hearing
99 / Public Notices
101 / Sale of Forest Products