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KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (W) Withdrawal

Effective with the October 25, 2006 issue of the Register, in compliance with Chapter 230 of the Laws of 2006, individuals may send public comment via electronic mail to those recipients who provided an e-mail address in Notices of Proposed Rule Making. This includes Proposed, Emergency Proposed, Revised Proposed and Emergency Revised Proposed rule makings. Instructions

Rule Making Activities

Civil Service, Department of
1 / Jurisdictional Classification (P)
Health, Department of
1 / Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (E)
Insurance Department
4 / Flexible Rating for Nonbusiness Automobile Insurance Policies (E)
Medicaid Inspector General, Office of
7 / Compliance Programs for Medical Assistance Provider (A)
Motor Vehicles, Department of
11 / Traffic Violations Bureau Fines (A)
Probation and Correctional Alternatives, Division of
12 / Sex Offender Housing Procedural Guidelines (P)
Public Service Commission
16 / Expansion of Con Edison's ESCO Referral Program to Include New Customers (A)
16 / Whether to Grant, Deny, or Modify, in Whole or in Part, the Petition (P)
17 / Electric Utility Implementation Plans for Proposed Web Based SIR Application Process and Project Status Database (P)
17 / Electric Rates for Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (P)
17 / Inter-carrier Telephone Service Quality Standards and Metrics (P)
State, Department of
18 / Document Destruction Contractors (E)
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
20 / Information Notice—Notice of Projects Approved for Consumptive Uses of Water
Hearings Schedule for Proposed Rule Makings / 23
Action Pending Index / 25

Regulatory Agenda
73 / Education Department
77 / Environmental Conservation, Department of
77 / Health, Department of
83 / Insurance Department
87 / Labor, Department of
88 / Medicaid Inspector General, Office of
88 / Real Property Services, Office of
88 / State, Department of
88 / Temporary and Disability Assistance, Office of

Rule Review
91 / Education Department

Securities Offerings
103 / State Notices

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
107 / Notice to Bidders

Notice of Availability of State and Federal Funds
109 / Children and Family Services, Office of
109 / Homeland Security, Office of

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
111 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by the State Comptroller
111 / Public Notice

Executive Orders
113 / Executive Order No. 20: Naming the State Justice Building the Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice.
113 / Executive Order No. 21: Establishing the Governor's Task Force on the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning.

Financial Reports / 115