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KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (W) Withdrawal

Effective with the October 25, 2006 issue of the Register, in compliance with Chapter 230 of the Laws of 2006, individuals may send public comment via electronic mail to those recipients who provided an e-mail address in Notices of Proposed Rule Making. This includes Proposed, Emergency Proposed, Revised Proposed and Emergency Revised Proposed rule makings. Instructions

Rule Making Activities

Banking Department
1 / Mortgage Loan Regulations (P)
Children and Family Services, Office of
3 / The Protection of Children in Residential Facilities from Child Abuse and Neglect (E)
Correctional Services, Department of
5 / Privileged Correspondence and Inmate Correspondence Program (E)
Education Department
6 / Computation of Nonresident Pupil Tuition Rate (P)
8 / Maintenance of Electronic Records by Pharmacists and Licensure Requirement for Pharmacists (P)
Health, Department of
10 / Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check Requirements (CBCR) for Unescorted Access to Radioactive Materials (E)
16 / Childhood Lead Poisoning Screening and Follow-up (A)
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Office of
19 / Appeals Process Pursuant to Chapter 508, Laws of 2008 (E)
Motor Vehicles, Department of
21 / Safety Hearing Notice (P)
Public Service Commission
22 / Cancellation of Amendments to PSC No. 1—Gas (A)
22 / Cancellation of Amendments to PSC No. 12—Gas (A)
22 / Dissolution of Davenport Water Company and Filing of Certificate of Dissolution with the Department of State (A)
22 / Con Edison's Report on 2008 Performance Under Electric Service Reliability Performance Mechanism (P)
23 / Interconnection of the Networks Between Verizon and 321 Communications, Inc. for Local Exchange Service and Exchange Access (P)
23 / Petition for Rehearing of Order Approving the Submetering of Electricity (P)
23 / Petition for the Submetering of Electricity (P)
24 / Electric Utility Projects That May Qualify for Partial Funding Under the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (P)
24 / Petition for the Submetering of Electricity (P)
24 / Approval of an Arrangement for Attachment of Wireless Antennas to the Utility's Transmission Facilities in the City of Yonkers (P)
25 / Waiver of 16 NYCRR Sections 894.1 through 894.4 and 894.4(b)(2) (P)
Taxation and Finance, Department of
25 / New York State and City of Yonkers Withholding Tables and Other Methods (EP)
27 / Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers (A)
28 / Filing Requirements for Certain Wine Distributors Registered Under Article 18 of the Tax Law (A)
Hearings Schedule for Proposed Rule Makings/ 30
Action Pending Index/ 31

Rule Review
79 / Higher Education Services Corporation

Securities Offerings
81 / State Notices

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
83 / Notice to Bidders
83 / Sealed Bids

Notice of Availability of State and Federal Funds
87 / Health, Department of

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
89 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by the State Comptroller
89 / Notice of Public Hearing
89 / Public Notice
99 / Sale of Forest Products

Court Notices
101 / Uniform Civil Rules for the Supreme and County Courts

Appendix/ 105