New York State Register January 12, 2011/Volume XXXIII, Issue 2


Cover and front matter

KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (W) Withdrawal

Individuals may send public comment via electronic mail to those recipients who provide an e-mail address in Notices of Proposed Rule Making. This includes Proposed, Emergency Proposed, Revised Proposed and Emergency Revised Proposed rule makings. Instructions

Rule Making Activities

Agriculture and Markets, Department of
1 / Applicability of Requirements Relating to the Production, Processing, and Manufacture of Milk and
Milk Products (A)
Civil Service, Department of
1 / Jurisdictional Classification (A)
Correction, State Commission of
3 / Prisoner Population Counts (A)
Environmental Conservation, Department of
3 / Black Bear Feeding (A)
Health, Department of
7 / Ambulatory Patient Groups (APGs) Payment Methodology (E)
9 / Potentially Preventable Readmissions (E)
11 / Cost of Examinations - Medicaid (P)
Insurance Department
12 / Audited Financial Statements (P)
14 / Valuation of Life Insurance Reserves (P)
17 / Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities And Nonforfeiture Benefits (P)
18 / Financial Statement Filings and Accounting Practices and Procedures (P)
21 / Minimum Standards for the Form, Content and Sale of Health Insurance, Including Full and Fair
Disclosure (P)
Long Island Power Authority
24 / The Authority's Tariff for Electric Service (A)
Public Service Commission
24 / Petition for the Submetering of Electricity (A)
25 / Tariff Schedule P.S.C. No. 1 — Water, Eff. 1/1/11, Containing the Commission Staff's Recommended
Reduced Rates (A)
26 / Petition for the Submetering of Electricity (A)
26 / Approval for the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. to Incur Indebtedness and Borrow
Up to $45,000,000 (P)
26 / Continuation of National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation's Area Development Program (P)
27 / RG&E's Plan for Expanding Mandatory Hourly Pricing to Additional Non-Residential Customers
27 / Special Telephone Equipment for Hearing Impaired Persons (P)
27 / Approval of Issues of Stock (P)
27 / Methods of Calculating Energy Savings for the Purpose of Cost/Benefit Analysis (P)
Taxation and Finance, Department of
28 / Assistance Program to Encourage Local Governments to Reassess on a Cyclical Basis (EP)
Workers’ Compensation Board
30 / Independent Livery Driver Benefit Fund (A)
Hearings Schedule for Proposed Rule Makings / 31
Action Pending Index / 33

Regulatory Agenda
81 / Banking Department

Rule Review
84 / Correction, State Commission of

Guidance Documents
85 / Taxation and Finance, Department of

Securities Offerings
87 / State Notices

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
89 / Sealed Bids

Notice of Availability of State and Federal Funds
93 / Environmental Conservation, Department of

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
95 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by the State Comptroller
95 / Notice of Public Hearing
96 / Sale of Forest Products

Adjudicatory Reports
97 / Temporary and Disability Assistance, Office of

Executive Orders
99 / Executive Order No. 41: Requiring Further Environmental Review of High-Volume Hydraulic
Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale.
99 / Executive Order No. 42: Establishing an Executive Chamber Records Management Policy.
100 / Executive Order No. 43: Continuing the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center.
102 / Executive Order No. 44: Directing the Reallocation of Deemed Waived Recovery Zone Facility
Bond Allocations.