New York State Register May 27, 2015/Volume XXXVII, Issue 21


Cover and front matter

KEY: (P) Proposal; (RP) Revised Proposal; (E) Emergency; (EP) Emergency and Proposal; (A) Adoption; (AA) Amended Adoption; (W) Withdrawal

Individuals may send public comment via electronic mail to those recipients who provide an e-mail address in Notices of Proposed Rule Making. This includes Proposed, Emergency Proposed, Revised Proposed and Emergency Revised Proposed rule makings. Instructions

Rule Making Activities (all documents are PDF)
Agriculture and Markets, Department of
1 / Species of Ash Trees, Parts Thereof and Products and Debris Therefrom Which Are at Risk for Infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer (EP)
Delaware River Basin Commission
4 / Information Notice—Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Public Hearing
Education Department
7 / Appeals Process on Regents Exams Passing Score for English Language Learners (ELLs) (E)
11 / Teacher Certification (E)
Environmental Conservation, Department of
13 / Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine (P)
Labor, Department of
16 / Methods of Payment of Wages (P)
Motor Vehicles, Department of
18 / Physician Assistants Performing Medical Review After Loss of Consciousness (A)
18 / Insurance ID Cards (P)
People with Developmental Disabilities, Office for
19 / Consolidated Fiscal Report Penalty Amendments (A)
Public Service Commission
19 / Limitations on Locating Multiple Generation Facilities Under Electric Utility Tariffs for Remote Net Metering (P)
20 / Issuance of Promissory Notes and the Assumption of the Costs and Benefits of Certain Derivative Instruments (P)
20 / Whether Bath Should be Permitted to Recover Purchased Gas Costs, Interest and Consulting Fees from Its Ratepayers (P)
20 / Transfer of Water Supply Assets (P)
Taxation and Finance, Department of
21 / Fuel Use Tax on Motor Fuel and Diesel Motor Fuel and the Art. 13-A Carrier Tax Jointly Administered Therewith (A)
21 / Fuel Use Tax on Motor Fuel and Diesel Motor Fuel and the Art. 13-A Carrier Tax Jointly Administered Therewith (P)

Action Pending Index / 23

Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors
67 / Sealed Bids

Notice of Availability of State and Federal Funds
69 / Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Division of

Miscellaneous Notices/Hearings
71 / Notice of Abandoned Property Received by the State Comptroller
71 / Public Notice

Executive Orders
73 / Executive Order No. 145: Continuing the Temporary Suspension of Provisions Relating to Recovery from a State Disaster Emergency in City of Yonkers.

Financial Reports / 75