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The Town of Southold Local Waterfront Revitalization Program is a locally prepared comprehensive land and water use plan for the Town's natural, public, and developed waterfront resources along Gardiners Bay, Peconic Estuary, and Long Island Sound.

The Town of Southold LWRP refines and supplements the State's Coastal Management Program and provides a comprehensive framework within which critical waterfront issues can be addressed, and planned waterfront improvement projects can be pursued and implemented. The Town's LWRP was originally approved in 2005, and subsequently amended to reflect new designations of, or approved modifications to, the narratives and boundaries of Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats (SCFWHs) located within the Town of Southold, including: the Mattituck Inlet Wetlands and Beaches, Fishers Island Beaches, Pine Islands, and Shallows, and the Goldsmith Inlet and Beach, Pipes Cove Creek and Moores Drain, and Dumpling Islands and Flat Hammock.

The amended Southold LWRP was adopted by the Southold Town Board on June 21, 2011, and approved by the New York State Secretary of State on February 25, 2014, pursuant to the New York State Waterfront Revitalization of Coastal Areas and Inland Waterways Act (NYS Executive Law, Article 42). On March 19, 2014, pursuant to 15 CFR 923.84(b), the New York State Department of State (DOS) will publish the public notice requesting the concurrence of the federal Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) with the incorporation of the amended Town of Southold LWRP into the New York State Coastal Management Program (CMP). The OCRM’s decision will be published in a following public notice.

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Section I. Local Waterfront Revitalization Area Boundary

Section II. Inventory and Analysis of Existing Conditions

Section III. Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Policies

Section IV. Harbor Management

Section V. Implementation

Section VI. State and Federal Actions and Programs Likely to Affect Implementation

Section VII. Consultation with Other Affected Federal, State, Regional, and Local Agencies

Section VIII. Local Commitment

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Appendix A. Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats

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The 2005 Town of Southold LWRP provides a historic perspective on the evolution of the Town’s waterfront revitalization efforts.

The Town of Southold has made significant efforts to implement the Town’s LWRP and to address local and regional water quality issues by revising the Town code to better address the management of polluted stormwater runoff and by constructing capital improvements to stormwater infrastructure.